Scurn emblem

Yurba on the Emblem of the State of Scurn

Yurba is one of several important constellations (of a total of 99) which are used for nautical navigation, fortune telling, mythology, and some religions. Yurba can be seen on the emblems of the State of Scurn and Linsingram College. Yurba is the most easily seen constellation from anywhere in Lesser Galwyndor.

Yurba is also one of the twelve astrological signs. It covers the periods of 22 Senalus to 13 Calius.


According to ancient mythology, Sherriva, the youngest and most beautiful daughter of Lyro, the god of reason and wisdom, was stolen by Rolick, the god of war, conquest, and bloodlust to serve as an example to mortals. Sherriva, being the offspring of the god of wisdom, managed to outsmart her captor and escaped. Lyro commissioned the great mortal hunter Yurba to find her, but she was never seen again. Lyro raised Yurba to the heavens so he could continue his search for eternity; he was given a spot with the most visibility.

Yurba became an important figure in nautical navigation, it is said, because Siser, the god of the sea, instructed sailors to use Yurba to navigate. He viewed Yurba as a constant reminder of failure.



Yurba is one of twelve astrological signs in the Aprisic Astrology system. It corresponds to the earthly sign of Virgo, though only by date and not by characteristics.

Dates: Aug 23 – Sept 22 // Senalus 22 – Calius 13

Astrological CharacteristicsEdit

Yurba’s symbol is the hunter. Yurba is often considered relentless and patient. They are said to be highly aware and sensitive to their surroundings. A Yurba can blend into any environment, invisible, yet they are very deadly once you are in their sights. Yurbas also make excellent detectives, seeing clues that are often missed by even the most discerning.

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