Victurus Palace is the stronghold seat of House Claverian. It is located in the city Victurus on the shore of Lak Burntide. Emperor Vralius commissioned its constuction in 1329.5 shortly after taking over Whispering Towers. Construction was completed in 1332.2.

The three Arcaeni Niril, Aridessa, and Lurius have a library and observatory in one of the palace's eastern towers.

Art and DecorEdit

The Palace is decorated with many eccentricities of Vralius's exploits. For example, he has two bronze statues that contain the bodies of slain nobles.


The first one, a statue of King Benneth 3 of Reddick, went horribly awry, as the king's flesh was melted by the bronze and resulted in a grisly, drooping mess. This statue resides in the planning room.

The second one, a statue of the Baeron of Dornwell, is mostly intact, as he had frozen the baeron prior to casting the statue. This one resides in the hall near his chambers.

Other DisplaysEdit

The skin of Talmage Wyt Vanside was stuffed and put on display in a hallway not far from the Baeron of Dornwell.

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