Venicus Mor
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Alias Venny
Gender male
Race human
Born 1320
Affiliation Outrider emblem
Rank Outrider apprentice emblem Apprentice
Role Outrider
Location Listhaven, Everwind City
Family Erissa Mor, Fever, Dnestin Mor
Appears in Outrider
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Venicus Mor is the main protagonist in Outrider, the first book in the Everwind Series.


Venicus was born in Listhaven and raised there solely by his mother, Erissa Mor (a Jack Tracker prostitute), after the Black Sam killed his father, Dnestin Mor. Venicus spent his entire life hustling the streets and markets for survival, working as a day laborer in the shit fields. He was sold into slavery to the Crimson by his best friend, Janden Cross, who received 12 Linnish Erons. Janden ultimately used the money to pay for sex with Erissa.

His experiences while in captivity led to him becoming an apprentice Outrider.