United Territories of Ildoria
Ildoria current
Emblem Ildoria emblem
Government Limited Preceptocracy
Leadership Senate
Head of State Title Premier
Head of State Alerran of Sinnel
Citizenry Ildorian
Capitol Whitehall
Largest City Turry
Established 11327.8
Allies House jerinsen emblem Terismark emblem
Rivals House turcott emblem
Currency Ildorian Gildan
Languages Canderian, Jrelic
Industry iron craft
Old Maps Ildoria purge

The United Territories of Ildoria is a group of islands in the northern Turryphian Ocean. It is one of the newest nations in Lesser Galwyndor, having come into existence in 1327.8 following a bloody Ildorian Revolution. It is governed by a Limited Preceptocracy from the capitol city of Whitehall.

People of Ildoria are referred to as being "Ildorian".


Galwyndor political map

Ildoria, shown to the northwest in red.

Ildoria emblem

The flag of Ildoria.

Sometime between the Purge and now, Ildoria acquired the lands once held by New Brelwyn, Northlan, Weild, and the Westlan Isles.

Ildorian RevolutionEdit

Main article: Ildorian Revolution

The Ildorian Revolution was a rebellion led by Sceratus Treylin Greyfell and his Ravenhelm unit in an attempt to reinstall King Davvis of Doria on the throne at Whitehall after all the members of House Doria was thought to have been assassinated by Rior of Jeglund of the Thronehelm. The Revolution lasted just over three years, beginning in 11324.3 and ending 11327.8.


Climate and EnvironmentEdit

Ildoria has a varied, humid climate. Most of the coastline experiences generally wet summers due to the warm North Turryphian Current, and very cold winters, especially inland. Must of Ildoria consists of bogs and mires, which are farmed for peat.


Ildoria is made up of five provinces:

Major SettlementsEdit



Ildoria uses a Limited Preceptocracy, which is a sort of shared monarchy among the noble houses, yet it also has elements of a preceptocracy, like a constitution.


Terismark and Gruenormark are considered allies.


Lothlan considers itself a rival.


Main article: Military Ranks
Ravenhelm Rank Insignias
Ravenhelm Officer and Enlisted Rank Ensignias
Enslisted Insignias Officer Insignias
Litus insignia Praelitus insignia Calitus insignia Sceratus insignia Second helm insignia First helm insignia
Litus Praelitus Calitus Sceratus Second Helm First Helm



The largest export is peat, which is in high demand due to how flammable it is. The widespread scarcity of wood, trash, and even livestock feces makes peat a viable replacement for use in fire.


Ildoria is rich in iron and other metals, which are used to make a wide variety of materials. It is one of two countries that produces darkmetal, the other being Andermark.



Nearly 100% of the country speaks Canderian, with approximately 12% of the population also being able to speak old Ildorian. Only a handful of people in Ildoria understand High Vinthish, most of them being scholars who attended universities elsewhere.


The majority of Ildorians are irreligious, with a small percentage of them practicing a variation of the folk medicine/religious practice called Salarian.


Due to the colder climate and the abundance of metals, many Ildorians opt to work the forges and smelts. Ildorians also pride themselves especially on their armor and weapons. Many centuries of metalworking combined with the need for superior craftsmanship in order to compensate for smaller numbers of forces contributed to their proficiency in this industry.

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