Time in the Everwind Series differs from that on earth. One full rotation of Galwyndor is .9 times that of a single rotation of earth (one Galywndorian day equals 21.6 earth hours), and each Galwyndorian day is broken up into 33 hours, as is each month composed of 33 days. There are also only nine months in a year, for a total of 297 days a year. There are eight days in a week, with one extra day per calendar month.

Each year is written as "11,298.7" or by its shortened version "1298.7". The decimal point and the number after it, in this case the "7", denotes the month. So 1298.7 would be the month of Trunalus in the year 11,298. This can also be taken further so as to include the day: 1298.7.33 (33rd day of Trunalus in the year 11,298).

Time Conversion RatesEdit

  • 1 Galwyndorian day = .9 Earth days
  • 1 Galwyndorian day = 21.6 Earth hours
  • 1 Galwyndorian hour = 39.27272727 Earth minutes
  • 1 Galwyndorian year = 256.64 Earth days = 297 Galwyndorian days

Names of the MonthsEdit

The months of Senalus through Sherrivus are all named after the ancient daughters of Lyro and Nevi.

  1. Scera
  2. Calita
  3. Senalus
  4. Calius
  5. Gernalus
  6. Jolanus
  7. Trunalus
  8. Kandalus
  9. Sherrivus

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