The Verges
The Verges map
Emblem House claverian emblem
Government Monarchy
Leadership House Claverian
Head of State Title High Emperor
Head of State Vralius
Citizenry Clavic
Capitol Everwind City
Population {{{population}}}
Largest City Everwind City
Currency Clavic Gildan, chits
Languages Canderian, Thurvish
Industry salt, slaving
Old Maps Andermark purge

The Verges is a large, barren region just north of the Atlicas, where most of the Everwind books take place. It is sparsely populated and desolate, making it a haven for criminal activity. In addition to the unfavorable conditions of the landscape itself, a perpetual wind called the Everwind prevents many plants from taking root, as the top soil is regularly displaced. The unofficial capitol is Everwind City. The region was recently acquired by Clavermark with no resistance, as nobody else wanted it.

Other GraphicsEdit

Galwyndor political map

The Verges, shown in orange on the eastern side of Clavermark.

Verges current

The Verges, current

Major Locations in the VergesEdit

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