The Vanquished Arcanum card

The Vanquished, also called the "1 of Greens" or the "Emp of Greens", is the first card in the suit of Greens in a deck of Arcanum Cards. The cards are mostly used to play New Arcanum.


"The Vanquished card symbolizes hope in times of adversity. First, there is the prominent broken shield, which is adorned with a crumbling tower in flames. Sitting directly atop the shield is a naked man in defeat, overshadowed by a dead tree. Above the words Arcanum are ten spears, as the numbers 1 and 0 combine to form the 1, which is the number of the card. At the top lies a helm looking to the left, dwelling on the past. Finally, there is a single nine-pointed star, nine being derived from the Sacred Number 33, meaning 3 times 3. This star is significant in that it symbolizes the hope which is greatest in times of austerity." - from The Usirad Grimoire

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