The Undertaker Arcanum card

The Undertaker, also called the "7 of Greens", is the seventh card in the suit of Greens in a deck of Arcanum Cards. The cards are mostly used to play New Arcanum.


"The Undertaker card is filled with traditional Galwyndorian symbolism surrounding death. First, there is the prominent skull beneath a road leading to the gates of the Underworld. On either side of the skull are two coffins with skeletons inside. Beyond the gateway lies Vulvarith, the mountain of the dead, situated beneath a raven in flight and the crescent moon. Above the word Arcanum are two snakes, which according to legend are the creatures said to usher one from the realm of the living to that of the dead. There are 7 stars at the bottom, which represent the 7 stars of the constellation Gagnus, who is said to be the first person in the world to die. At the bottom are two Traevian Knots, which represent the cycle of life and death eternal. Finally, at the top is a crown, which represents the belief that upon death, everyone ascends into the afterlife as a king." - from The Usirad Grimoire

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