Remember how I said we were going to streamline the character creation process and help you do it quickly and easily? We'll be using our very own 3-phase process, something we like to call the P3 Method. It basically looks like this:

P3 Method

The three steps to the P3 Method will cover the three main aspects of character creation from big picture on down to minute detail: Purpose, Personality, Particulars. We will get into the sub-items of each one as we go along. Just know that with this process you will be able to create stunning and deep characters that stand apart, every single time, and with ease. Each lesson will be on a different aspect of these phases, and it may feel like a lot of information is coming at you at once. We've done our best to make this as simple as possible. That's what we're all about: efficiency. Making you a great writer and making that writing easier for you is our goal. Everybody wins.

At the end of the course, you'll get the shorthand version of the whole process. Seriously, it will be easy.

Move on to the next section: Character Purpose.

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