Galwyndor purge

Galwyndor, at the time of the Great Purge

After the Fourth Great War destroyed most of the world, a large alliance of nations, in concert with the Last of the Eari (Eari was the other school of magic besides Draol), embarked upon a massive campaign to rid the world of magic use entirely. In its final act, the Eari sacrificed themselves to create the eight Eari Stones, one for each race, which were used to seek out and destroy those who used magic.

This process was referred to as The Great Purge; during The Purge, many spellcasters went into hiding or were destroyed by the Eari Stones. Atury, one of the last remaining spellcasters of Galwyndor, was hunted down like all the rest. The Gruenor and Aerylothian armies, who led the Alliance, all but decimated Atury's throng of minions; when victory was nearly certain, Atury, in a last-ditch effort to escape, opened a Keldra Gateway, a spell which was beyond his ability, which erroneously transported himself, his minions, and a portion of the two armies to the world of Errod.

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