The Atheneum is the unofficial academy of the occultist order called the Arcaeni. It is located in Umstrad. Attendance at the school is expected to last for 8 years, with each year having a different focus. Upon completion of this period, students become full-fledged members of the Order, and they are free to pursue any specialty they wish. Students must also complete a sojourn to Immortal City to study the ruins in their final year at Atheneum.

Years of StudyEdit

  • Year 1 - history and basics of the Order, foundations of the unnatural arts
  • Year 2 - astrological
  • Year 3 - cartomancy and other divinations
  • Year 4 - glyphs and ancient languages
  • Year 5 - herbalism, alchemy and poisons
  • Year 6 - religion and cultism
  • Year 7 - principles of magic, summoning, illusion, enchantment
  • Year 8 - guided study of personal preference
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