Talmage Wyt Vanside
Gender male
Race human
Affiliation House claverian emblem
Role Scientist, daector
Location Wornspire, Linsingram College, Cirya
Family Enther Wyt Vanside
Features yellow synthetic skin
Appears in The Facility
Mentioned in

Daector Talmage is a genius polymath (scientist, physician, engineer) who oversees a clandestine facility known as Wornspire where he conducts medical experiments on humans that are found to be fertile for reproduction (among many other things). His work is funded by High Emperor Vralius, and much of the studies and experimentation is thought to be executed while under duress of orders from Vralius.

He managed to escape the complete massacre of everyone at Wornspire by the Lightsprawl Order with only one test subject, Serika. After placing her under the protection of Edulon, an Outrider, he was captured by Captain Lerich and his Vurg companion, Sleika. Sleika, a torturemaster by trade, interrogated Talmage and is ordered by Vralius to "instill in him a lesson that will forever be etched on his soul;" Sleika then skins Talmage alive and forces him to endure the dramatically more painful process of being fitted with synthetic skin.


Talmage hails from the Scurnish city of Cirya. He attended the prestigious Linsingram College in Letania City, where he first mastered physicianship, then went on to gain full engineership and philosophyships; he also excelled at poetics and architecture, but left before gaining full mastership certifications in them.


  • The synthetic skin Sleika "installs" on Talmage is yellow, the color of dishonesty, which Vurg never use.
  • Talmage wears a one-of-a-kind 3A-11-model bracelet, which provides a number of extra features, as opposed to the 3A-17 model worn by test subjects and staff.
  • Talmage's identification number is 8A394H1T604.
  • Talmage's real skin was stuffed and put on display in a hallway at Victurus Palace.