House turcott emblem

emblem of the House Turcott, which features pays tribute to the Sword Tree

The Sword Tree of Gethalyn is a national treasure of Lothlan, which is housed in the courtyard of the Siserian Temple at Jura. The emblem of House Turcott features the Sword Tree of Gethalyn.


The Sword Tree of Gethalyn, as it stands today, is the withered remains of a giant etherwood tree which is said to have sprung up in the spot where Gethalyn was slain. The warlock Gethalyn was killed with his own sword by Aery 2, which definitively ended the First Great War (it was said that Gethalyn could not be slain by any blade, whether friend or foe).

"Not one among the legions there that night will fail to recount what happened next, for the melee was bestilled as no act of gods could rival. A single stroke by the young Aery 2 did fell the mighty spellmaster Gethalyn - by his own sword no less, and no sooner did this swift slayer stake Gethalyn through the heart into the earth where came forth a might etherwood tree which swallowed both Gethalyn and his sword alike. The impartial eye of the Backwards Moon did also bear witness to this spectacle, which silenced the legions, brought forth the end to a Great War and the beginning of a mighty empire." -- New History of Aeryloth (which is by now ancient)