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This article is for the subchapter, if you are looking for the page of the same name, see Snowleaf

Snowleaf (subchapter)
Snow title
Series Everwind
Book {{{booktitle}}}
Number Subchapter Three
SNOW short cover
Author Janden Hale
Artist Janden Hale
Publisher Janden Hale
Date 7 December 2012
Pages 17,733 words

Snowleaf is the third subchapter by Janden Hale set in the universe of the Everwind Series.


Queen Regnant Caliana of House Sable rose to power over Averia after losing her husband and all but one daughter to the Curella epidemic. She must contend with rising discontent from her constituents over famine, a shaky economy, and widespread crime, but her resolve is put to the ultimate test when a freak resurgence of the Curella virus surfaces in a village. The virus that killed over 60% of the population over a span of just a few years was thought to be eradicated. Once again Black Sam poses the greatest threat to humankind. The fate of her people - the entire world - rests in her hands.

Key CharactersEdit


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