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Gender female
Race human
Born 1320-1336, age 16
Role Carrier
Location Wornspire, Overvale
Family Dreya
Appears in The Facility
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Serika was a test subject of Dr. Talmage in the secret facility known as Wornspire. She was the only "carrier" to escape during the Lightsprawl's massacre. She is the mother of Dreya, one of the main protagonists of Dawn of the Last Bullet.


Serika was born (1320) and raised in a small village called Vornwall. She is the only child of a candle maker named Borin and his wife Tella. Shortly following the Curella epidemic she discovered she had become impregnated by her boyfriend, Markem. She was soon after taken by the Clavics to a secret medical facility called Wornspire. She was told that Markem, being that he was also able to reproduce, would also be taken there, but she is unsure if that ever happened.

After several months at the facility, she became the lone survivor besides daector Talmage of a massacre by the Lightsprawl Order; they managed to escape to Camp Drystone, where Talmage placed her in the care of the Outriders. During her journey with Edulon Dane, she is once again taken captive by Crimson slavers. On the journey to Halfshaer she meets young Venicus Mor, who helps her escape again. She finds her way to a remote mysterious village in the Atlica Mountains called Overvale, having been rescued by two child twins from the korix, a dangerous creature that lives deep within the caverns. She gave birth to a healthy daughter, Dreya, dying shortly afterwards.