Scurn current
Emblem Scurn emblem
Government Commonocracy
Leadership Scurnish High Ministry
Head of State Title High Minister
Head of State Irel Kevindas
Citizenry Scurnish
Capitol Letania City
Largest City Letania City
Established 11328.1
Allies House andergard emblem House brant emblem
Rivals House jerinsen emblem
Currency Scurnish Shriff
Languages Canderian, High Vinthish
Industry wine
Old Maps Letania Kestrinal

Scurn is an island country in directly east of Gruenormark. It is governed by a Commonocracy from the capitol of Letania City. The flag features the constellation Yurba over a dark blue night sky.

It was once a pair of monarchies under the rule of House Dnoro (Letania) and House Cromston (Kestrinal) until in the year 1207 it underwent a series of violent (and sometimes peaceful) revolutions. The final acts that rid the region of any hereditary system was referred to as the Letanian Ultimatem. The monarchic systems were replaced by a string of failed experimental governments until finally the commonocracy of established in 1271.

People of Scurn are referred to as being "Scurnish"; westerners still refer to themselves as being "Letanian". A pejorative term for people of Letania, specifically, is vooter.


Andermark and Averia are allies.


Gruenormark is a rival, having placed an embargo on Scurn due to their Commonocratic government.


Major SettlementsEdit


Galwyndor political map

Linmark, shown to the east in dark blue.

Scurn emblem

The flag of the state of Scurn.

In 1328.1 Letania and Kestrinal combine to form Scurn; a new form of government called a Commonocracy is implemented.

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