STRAPS is an acronym for "Secure Tracking, Radio, Assessment, and Positioning System", a self-contained forearm mounted (strapped on) computer unit that provides a number of advanced capabilities to each soldier. Each forearm unit comes paired with a special eye rig unit that transposes the display so soldiers can keep eyes on the battlefield.

Only Clavic soldiers have these. STRAPS units can also operate in blackout mode, which makes it so that no light emits from the display. The STRAPS unit's primary function is as a sort of forward-looking infrared/sonar device that emits a signal to return a 3-dimensional view of a room for a small distance ahead.

STRAPS also monitor vital signs of each soldier and display a location of every soldier. If a soldier dies, that soldier's STRAPS unit cannot be used by anyone else to prevent an enemy from obtaining an instant positioning of the rest of the soldiers.

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