Rinden Dane
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Alias Rin
Gender male
Race human
Born 1287
Affiliation LoL emblem
Rank Commander, Gruenormark Chapter
Role Legion of Liberty Founder
Location Gruenormark, Prutherham
Family Edulon Dane
Appears in Legion of Liberty
Mentioned in

Rinden Dane is the founder of the Legion of Liberty and serves as the current President of the Gruenormark Chapter. An ex soldier of the Wuer Army, he relocated to Gruenormark following his separation; after the Clavic takeover of Wuerlan by Vralius's forces, he formed the Legion, which spread quickly. He was unwittingly used by Aethenatos to spread the ideology of Influism.


Rinden Dane was born and raised in a tiny village called Prutherham in the country formerly known as Wuerlan (now Clavermark). His is the older brother of Edulon Dane, who is an Outrider. He left Wuerlan shortly after doing a sting in the Wuer army, and always felt bad about having to leave because his brother begged him to stay. He feels he abandoned him.


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