Rendell Winter
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Gender male
Race human
Born 1273-1336, age 63
Affiliation Outrider emblem
Rank Stationmaster emblem Stationmaster
Role Stationmaster
Location Camp Drystone
Family Erinn, Amly Winter
Features mustache
Appears in Outrider
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Rendell Winter is the casemaster of Outrider Station 727 in Camp Drystone. He first appears in Outrider with Edulon Dane. He inadvertently leads to Talmage's capture by Lerich and Sleika when they notice he has possession of Talmage's 3A-17 bracelet. He was once married to a singer named Erinn, who died of a sudden aneurism while he was away on a run. He sacrifices himself by calling up a secret failsafe with his vault during a visit by Lieutenant Cash Delton, who was searching for Serika.

After Erinn's death, Rendell put in a request to be a casemaster so he could raise Amly Winter. He raised her from inside the outrider station in Ostenton until she became an apprentice outrider, where he transferred to Camp Drystone.