The races in the Everwind universe are a diverse amalgamation of culture, disposition, build, and appearance. The major races are listed here as a reference guide, though when in doubt, simply use human characters, as the other races are rare. Each race also has strengths and limitations. For example, Jrel make better brawlers and warriors due to their tremendous strength, but they’re not very good at using ranged weapons. They and Attawa do not have a good understanding of technology. Attawa are well-suited for outlaw behavior, being good at sleight of hand, but they are terrible at sailing and don’t like cold climates. Vurg are extremely fast creatures, but they possess no tact, so you would not want one speaking to a hostage negotiator. Even though many inhabitants have likely heard tell of a particular non-human species, chances are higher that they have never seen one in real life. Well-traveled characters, however, might have a different experience.

Note that there were at one time many other races, which no longer exist (elves, goblins, etc.). Humans eventually became the majority race, but along with the current chaotic climate and a healthy dose of ignorance, the other races are never fully safe from humanity. Other races, especially Jrel, are hunted for their fur or for use in slave labor, for captivity or freakshows, etc. Any non-human race outside their own habitat is likely to experience a lot of activity, whether it be curiosity, attacks, prejudice, etc.

Notes on New RacesEdit

There is always room for new races in the setting, though it should be noted that if you decide to create a new race in the current time period, you have to account for their location, along with why no one has heard of them until recently, etc. You also have to consider their relationships with other races, especially humans. The Vurg seem to be the only race that isn't worried about human aggression.

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