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Types of Government
Constitutional Monarchy
Limited Preceptocracy

A Preceptocracy is one of the new forms of government that arose out of the chaos following the Curella plague. This was because people realized that monarchies couldn't adequately take care of the peoples' needs, then when the Turmocet incident left the world sterile, some countries revolted and deposed the traditional systems of government. Terismark is the only full preceptocracy, while Ildoria is a Limited Preceptocracy.

Compared to the real world, it most closely resembles a constitutional government, such as a Republic, or a parliamentary system. It relies on an Arch-Precept, which is basically a constitution.

Limited PreceptocracyEdit

The difference between a limited preceptocracy and a full preceptocracy is that the full preceptocracy relies upon an open election process to establish leadership, which then must abide by the Arch-Precept. In a limited preceptocracy, there is no election process, however, there is an Arch-Precept, though it is not a Constitutional Monarchy. It is similar, but the monarch does not become the head of the state; the case with Ildoria is that the five noble houses rotate out so that each House gets a chance to be head of state.

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