Overvale is a hidden village located deep inside the Atlicas; the village is completely isolated from the rest of the world, only accessible through a series of caverns (the entrance to the village is also blocked off by a creature called the korix). Inhabitants of Overvale all speak strict High Vinthish, a dead language to the rest of the world, which is elsewhere only taught to the intellectual elite.

Overvale is also somehow extremely fertile and lush with plant life, while the rest of the world seems to be dying. It is also shielded from the magic hounds because the mountains surrounding it have a high degree of byrridium mines.


The culture of Overvale is unique, as it has been isolated to itself for over 8000 years. Because of this, several strange practices and customs have been implemented in order to maintain peace, safety, and order. The most significant of these are The Transfer and the Starglass.

The Transfer refers to the practice of culling the herd to prevent overpopulation. From birth, villagers are told that the world outside the mountains contains a harsher atmosphere, which is deadly to anyone who has not built up a tolerance, which naturally occurs when a citizen reaches a certain age (generally after 50). Once they come of age, the Transfer Ceremony takes place, after which they enter the caverns that lead through the mountains on their journey to the outer world. What they don't know is that they are being fed to the korix.

The Starglass is the only reflective surface in the whole village, originally meant as another means to keep the magic hunters from finding Master Ald. It is kept and controlled by the members of the council, who use it as a way of testing people who are worthy of learning the secrets of the village (that the Starglass is a tool for control).

Key InhabitantsEdit

Key inhabitants of Overvale: