All the content - the places, characters, creatures, products, weapons, everything - have been created over several years. This wiki encyclopedia is constantly growing with new content. If an article you see on here is lacking, shoot me a message and I can clarify or expand it. For example, most of the content on here has been expanded as needed, which means the information that exists was created because I needed it for a story somewhere. If it is minimal, such as information about a place or a geographical region, sometimes all that exists is a name. Just let me know if you need more info on something. But more importantly, if you want to create something new, such as a place or a plant or a creature or whatever, just let me know. We'll work together and get it done.

Story, Writer, and Artist ListingsEdit

Every story, writer, and artist will also get a listing here on the wiki. Where possible, I will use the bio provided for the story, but other info (website, facebook, twitter links, etc.) can also be added.


Creator's Guide Resources

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