There are several titles used for nobility and positions of honor throughout the Everwind Series. Only those of Royal Houses typically hold Daeken titles or their equivalent, with Baeron and Earlenships being held by Vassal Houses. It is also possible to hold titles in other countries. For example, Rylen of Brummel lives in Andermark, but he hold the title of Baeron of Irnley, which applies to Praul.

Primary RanksEdit

  • Emperor - only Vralius Claverian holds this title, often as "High Emperor"
  • King and Queen
    • King Regent - one who rules in the stead of the actual king until he becomes of age; Nurius 12 of Andergard is a king regent
    • Queen Consort - the wife of a king
    • Queen Regnant - a queen who rules in her own right; Caliana of Sable is a queen regnant
    • Queen Regent - a queen who rules in the stead of the actual king until he becomes of age
    • Queen Dowager - the wife of a deceased king; Caliana of Sable is one
    • Queen Mother - a queen dowager who is also the mother of the reigning sovereign
  • Crownprince and Crownprincess - a prince or princess who is next in line to the High Seat
    • Prince and Princess - offspring of a king and queen
  • Viceroy - a position appointed by any sovereign power which acts in their stead as governors over a particular region
  • Crowndaeken and Crowndaekeness - a Daeken or Daekeness who is next in line to the High Seat; Falder of Brant is a Crowndaeken; Averlyn of Sable is a Crowndaekussa
  • Daeken and Daekeness - similar to a Duke, almost always held by those of Royal Houses
  • Daekus and Daekussa - (Averia)
  • Baeron and Baeroness - baron and baroness, highest title allowed to be held by those of Vassal Houses
  • Baerus and Baerussa - (Averia)
  • Earlen and Earleness - below baeron in station, held by Vassals
  • Earlus and Earlussa - (Averia)
  • Saer - similar to Sir, though does not denote knighthood or even nobility

Titles of Custom or CourtesyEdit

  • Your Virtue - what they call the Queen in Averia
  • Lord and Lady

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