New Arcanum is a card game played with Arcanum Cards. The cards first appear in The Facility when Anya and the other subjects first go to the recreation room, though Anya is quick to point out that they are not playing actual New Arcanum, since the game is incumbent upon one's ability to acquire the cards. The actual game first appears in Outrider when Treylin Greyfell and co attempt to find work at the Upper Cellar Alehouse in New Grolyn.

Game PlayEdit

New Arcanum is played by any number of players greater than two with each player using his or her own deck, which can be comprised of any number of cards collected, regardless of repeating cards (as full decks are rare, players collect as many cards as they can).

Prior to opening hand, players will ante (bet blind). It is also customary for all players to bet one random card in games of higher stakes. Before playing a hand, each player will place their bet, whereby all other players can call or raise. Whoever opens the game plays any single card. The next player will player two of the same cards, or a higher numbered card in an attempt to beat the prior hand played. The next player must then attempt to beat that hand, continuing play until the highest played hand wins. Players also may not skip a valid hand in favor of a higher one; this is called the Falingrad Rule, and is meant to prevent a player from ending the game early simply by playing their highest cards.

Order of Arcanum HandsEdit

Hands ordered from lowest to highest.

  • single card
  • pair of same card or pair of numbers
  • higher number pair (card or numbers ), three of a kind (card or numbers) or a triple run
  • repeat in increasing increments

Note on RunsEdit

In order for a run to beat the prior hand, at least one card must be a higher number than the highest numbered card in the prior hand. A run must also be comprised of more cards than any x of a kind; example: to beat a 3 of a kind one must use a run of four cards. Runs must always be of the same suit.

Example of PlayEdit

  1. Player 1 opens with a low card: 1 of Golds (The Lovers)
  2. Player 2 beats with a pair of 2s: The Prophet and The Martyr
  3. Player 3 beats with three of a kind: 3 copies of The Huntress (4 of Greens)
  4. Player 4 beats with a run of 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Greys, winning the game.

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