Averian RanksEdit

Averian Rank Insignias
Army Officer Shoulderboard Insignia
Averian lieutenant Averian captain Averian major Averian lt colonel Averian colonel Averian submarshall Averian marshall
Lieutenant Captain Major Lt. Colonel Colonel Submarshall Marshall
Army Enlisted Insignia
Averian cavaneer Averian cavaneer1 Averian corporal Averian valurian Averian valurian1 Averian master valurian Averian valurian major
Cavaneer Cavaneer 1st Class Corporal Valurian Valurian 1st Class Master Valurian Valurian Major

Clavic RanksEdit

Clavic Rank Insignias
High Emperor Shoulderboard Insignia
Clavic emperor
High Emperor Vralius
Army Officer Shoulderboard Insignia
Clavic lieutenant Clavic army captain Clavic major Clavic colonel Clavic lt general Clavic general Clavic emperor
Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel Lieutenant General General High Emperor Vralius
Army Enlisted Insignia
Clavic private Clavic private1 Clavic corporal Clavic sergeant Clavic sergeant1 Clavic master sergeant Clavic sergeant major
Private Private 1st Class Corporal Sergeant Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant Sergeant Major
Naval Officer Shoulderboard Insignia
Clavic ensign2 Clavic ensign1 Clavic captain Clavic commodore Clavic vice admiral Clavic admiral Clavic fleet admiral
Ensign 2nd Class Ensign 1st Class Captain Commodore Vice Admiral Admiral Fleet Admiral
Naval Enlisted Insignia
Clavic shipman Clavic midshipman Clavic petty officer3 Clavic petty officer2 Clavic petty officer1 Clavic chief petty officer Clavic masterchief
Shipman Midshipman Petty Officer 3rd Class Petty Officer 2nd Class Petty Officer 1st Class Chief Petty Officer Master Chief

Gruenor RanksEdit

Gruenor Rank Insignias
Army Officer Shoulderboard Insignia
Gruenor 2lieutenant Gruenor 1lieutenant Gruenor captain Gruenor major Gruenor colonel Gruenor lt marshall Gruenor marshall
2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel Lt. Marshall Marshall
Army Enlisted Insignia
Gruenor dragoon Gruenor dragoon1 Gruenor corporal Gruenor sergeant Gruenor sergeant1 Gruenor master sergeant Gruenor sergeant major
Dragoon Dragoon 1st Class Corporal Junior Sergeant Sergeant Senior Sergeant Sergeant Major

Ildorian RanksEdit

Ravenhelm Rank Insignias
Ravenhelm Officer and Enlisted Rank Ensignias
Enslisted Insignias Officer Insignias
Litus insignia Praelitus insignia Calitus insignia Sceratus insignia Second helm insignia First helm insignia
Litus Praelitus Calitus Sceratus Second Helm First Helm

Wuer RanksEdit

Wuer Rank Insignias
Army Enlisted Insignia
Wuer private Wuer corporal Wuer sergeant Wuer sergeant major
Private Corporal Sergeant Sergeant Major

Outrider RanksEdit

Outrider Rank Insignias
Outrider Ranks
Outrider apprentice emblem Outrider emblem Stationmaster emblem
Apprentice Outrider Stationmaster

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