Lugo Finth
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Gender male
Race human
Role Bard
Location widespread
Appears in Outrider
Mentioned in

Lugo Finth is a nomadic rolg player, who appears in Outrider. He claims to be an "esteemed nomadic bard of the Northlay, rolgmaster and songsmith, dispenser of tales, entertainer of Kings, seducer of ladies, charmer of lions..." The lion story goes that he traveled briefly with the Circus Nomadia Supernal.

"They had acquired the beast anew in Cirya from a trading vessel coming out of the Geldenmark. It was too long in the wild to be of much use to them as a show cat, but I managed to reduce its frenzy long enough for them to coax it into a cagewagon. They named it after me - Lugo the Lion - and to my knowledge they still have the magnificent animal on display to this day." -- Lugo Finth

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