Lothlan current
House turcott emblem
Government Monarchy
Leadership House Turcott
Head of State Title King
Head of State
Citizenry Lothlani
Capitol Jura
Largest City Jura
Established 7477.2
Allies House sable emblem Terismark emblem
Rivals House jerinsen emblem House brant emblem
Currency Cupura
Languages Canderian
Old Maps
Aeryloth purge

Lothlan is the third-largest nation by land mass (Clavermark is the largest) in Lesser Galwyndor. It was once a part of Aeryloth, until it split following the Aeryloth Civil War in the year 7477. It is ruled by the House Turcott from the seat at Jura.

People of Lothlan are referred to as "Lothlani".


Lothlan is primarily rivaled with Averia, because Queen Caliana is of the House Turcott bloodline. It is also aligned with Terismark, as it seceded from Aeryl.


They maintain the centuries-old rivalry with Aeryl, due to the old feuds from the civil war. They are also rivals with Gruenormark.


Galwyndor political map

Lothlan, shown in light blue.


Lothlan is made up of five provinces:

Major SettlementsEdit

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