The following is a list of the top 20 cities in Lesser Galwyndor in order of largest to smallest by population, current as of a 1336 census estimate.[1]

Rank Emblem City Population
1 House turcott emblem Jura apprx. 55,000
2 House claverian emblem Dretch apprx. 47,000
3 Scurn emblem Letania City apprx. 45,900
4 none Sherrab apprx. 34,700
5 House brant emblem Elidel apprx. 26,400
6 House claverian emblem Sonn Sethur apprx. 26,000
7 Linmark emblem Sonn Dathri apprx. 24,000
8 House sable emblem Highthrall apprx. 20,200
9 Ildoria emblem Turry apprx. 18,300
10 House brant emblem Jovos Aera apprx. 16,500
11 House claverian emblem Laceport apprx. 14,000
12 Scurn emblem Cirya apprx. 13,600
13 House andergard emblem Kourne apprx. 12,400
14 House jerinsen emblem Herensel apprx. 12,000
15 House claverian emblem Everwind City apprx. 10,100
16 Terismark emblem New Elid apprx. 9,800
17 House claverian emblem Derth apprx. 9,600
18 Ildoria emblem Whitehall apprx. 9,400
19 House brant emblem Ostenton apprx. 9,000
20 House sable emblem Ovaka apprx. 8,800

Total: 422,700


  1. Yeva Karloft (2013) "Census estimates reveal population more in decline than originally thought", Everwind Times

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