Lightsprawl Order
Lightsprawl emblem
Leader The Patriarch
Status active
Location widespread
Motto Lightsire be pleased.
Appears in Outrider
Mentioned in

The Lightsprawl Order is a militant religious extremist group that utilizes terrorism, guerrilla warfare, and sabotage to "spread the word of the Lightsire and to eradicate the exploitation and destruction of the world according to His Will." The size and reach of the Lightsprawl is unknown, as is the identity and location of its founder, someone called "the Patriarch".

Common PhrasesEdit

The Lightsprawl commonly echo out key phrases amongst each other, or in response to Sigilus the Overseer. Some of them include:

  • Lightsire be pleased.
  • It is ordained.
  • The Lightsire provides all with all.

Notable MembersEdit

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