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Leadership House Turcott
Population 55,000

Jura is the seat of the royal House Turcott and is the capital of the country of Lothlan. It is the most populous city in Lesser Galwyndor, with around 55 thousand people. Jura is also the location of the Sword Tree of Gethalyn, a Lothlani national treasure, the remains of which stand in the courtyard of the Siserian Temple. Jura is named after the Fields of Juralane, the site of the battle that ended the 1st Great War.

Other notable landmarks include the Menovian Arch, the Hall of Giants, and the Aeryl-Lothlan Archive.

Being that it has a rich history, the city contains many of the stone structures that were built in the Age of Alliance, which contained exquisite and intricate architecture, high walkways and bridges in particular. In fact, most of the buildings in Jura contain a similar style of access; outdoor access points at all levels with many criss-crossing catwalks and bridges connecting the buildings. In Jura, and to some extent other cities in Lothlan, this interconnectedness is commonplace. Many Lothlanis find themselves frustrated when they visit normal cities.

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