Janden Cross
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Alias Switch
Gender male
Race human
Born 1321
Affiliation Crimson emblem
Role Slaver
Location Listhaven, Halfshaer
Appears in Outrider
Mentioned in

Janden Cross starts out as Venicus Mor's best friend, hustling and thieving the streets of Listhaven. He later becomes a member of the Crimson gang after selling Venicus to them as a slave, after which he uses the money, 12 Linnish erons to pay for Erissa Mor's (Venicus's mother) sexual services. The Crimson consider that act sufficient enough for him to join them, and give him the nickname Switch.


  • He receives his Crimson emblem from Shiver, who also tells him "save your clink, Switch. I have something else I want to give you", which is a reference to sex.

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