House reddick emblem

emblem of the House Reddick

House Reddick ruled over Wuerlan from the seat at Derth. Their emblem was a grey wolvina on a shield of bright orange over a grey field.


In the second month of 1329, Vralius Claverian invaded Wuerlan after implicating the country for the assassination of House Glengard. He kills the entire royal House of Reddick and conquers the entire country. The entire move is swift and unexpected, and the Clavic invasion is over quickly.


Former VassalsEdit

With the extermination of House Reddick came an arrangement with House Claverian which allowed the former vassals to remain loyal to the Viceroyship under the condition that they would all heed should the Clavic Empire ever call upon them. House Tillen currently serves as Viceroy over the former Wuerlan provinces.

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