House raske emblem

emblem of the House Raske

House Raske is a vassal house of House Claverian. They govern the surrounding area of the municipality of New Grolyn from Windwater Downs. The family was always wealthy, however, they only became a vassal house after the acquisition of the Verges by the Clavics. Most of their wealth was primarily made through trade of resources like water and salt. They are often pejoratively called the "Sons of Salt". Their emblem is a pair of twin bulls of gold and blue on a similar background.



  • Lieutenant Cash Delton has a vendetta against Forden Raske, also a Lt. in the Clavic Army. Delton was forcefully reassigned from his station at Sonn Sethur when Fordon Raske, being a vassal's son, stole his slot.

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