House glengard emblem

emblem of the House Glengard

House Glengard ruled over Faramark from Whispering Towers. Their emblem is a black panther and three stars on a red shield over a field of black. Every person in the House was believed to have been killed during the occupation by the Clavic Empire.

The lands once governed by Glengard are now under the Viceroyship of House Draessen.


In the second month of 1329, General Vralius Claverian plotted the assassination of every member of the royal House Glengard, which he then blamed on the neighboring state of Wuerlan. Claverian had been plying King Fanden to take advantage of the Black Sam outbreak to expand the empire, and was consistently denied. Claverian knew that his reputation would enable him to garner a fast followership, and they would be eager to exact revenge for the death of their beloved House Reddick. Thus began the Clavic Empire.

Vralius Claverian assassinated all of House Glengard and framed House Reddick in order to push the country of Faramark into war (the king had consistently denied him). Faramark was eager to get revenge, and Claverian marched into Wuerlan without opposition. It was believed that all members of the royal family were assassinated under Vralius's orders, but the two children he kept alive, who were separated and were forced into subservience (see below). They are both thought to have been murdered along with their household.



Every one of Glengard's vassals were persuaded to swear new allegiance to House Claverian when the Clavics invaded, all except for House Erbane, whose loyalty earned their Lord Jamesen of Erbane an honorable death, the rest being stripped of title and properties, which were given over to one of Vralius Claverian's generals, the now Lord Delin of House Balter.

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