The Everwind Times is both the primary news publication based out of Everwind City and the official website for the Everwind Series.

News PublicationEdit

The Everwind Times is the primary news publication of The Verges, headquartered in Everwind City. Founded in 11,131 by Tomlas Masser, an Aerylite, it has been the leading news publication of Lesser Galwyndor for over 200 years.[1]

According to the Staff page, there are eleven writers on staff.


The official website of the Everwind Series is a mock website designed to look like a real life newspaper website. It features fictional news stories that take place in the Everwind universe. The news articles are all written by author Janden Hale, however, he uses pseudonyms to keep with the spirit of the website.

In addition to news stories, there are events listings for Everwind City, overball standings, schedules, and scores, arrests and obituaries, real-time weather for Everwind City, a currency chart, a city directory, classifieds, and real estate listings. Fans can purchase one-of-a-kind deeds to property in Everwind City for $1-10 (depending on location) and get listed in the city directory.


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