Everwind City
Population 10,100

Everwind City is the largest metropolitan settlement in The Verges and the unofficial capital; with a population of approximately 10,100, it is the 15th largest city in the world. It is known for its massive three-ringed wall that surrounds the city to ward off the Everwind and segregate the city into economical districts: the lower class on the outside called The Rim, middle class and primary market district in the second ring called Half District, and the center circle for the affluent, intellectual, and ruling elite called Still Hill.


Everwind City also has only three gates, one on each side except for north (most places in the Verges avoid having north-facing doors and gates). The southern gate is exclusively for Still Hill.

The Verges map

a map of The Verges


There are three larger districts, which contain the neighborhoods:


Notable FeaturesEdit

It is home to the Everwind City Howlers overball team, which practices out of Fallwell Downs.


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EWC is the location of the first ever Outrider station. Since the Outriders are a respected global organization, people of the Verges view them as hometown heroes.

Sky CellsEdit

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The prison in Everwind City sits atop the outer wall. Because the wind is stronger at higher altitudes, the cells there, which are open to the elements, are a form of torture. It is said that most people can't go a week in them without going mad.