Eari emblem
Status extinct
Location widespread
Motto Trulina ei Sforita.
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The Eari were the second-to-last remaining order of magic users prior to The Great Purge. At the outset of the Second Age, they were only one of two orders, being vastly outnumbered by the Draol order. The Eari school of magic preferred to use magic in smaller bursts, which forced them to use magic in wiser, more economical ways than their Draol counterparts. They most often used it for things like healing, protection, and enchanting things. Their motto was Trulina ei Sforita, which means "Wisdom and Temperance" in High Vinthish.

During the Great Purge, the Eari order self-eliminated in order to prevent the world from being obliterated through irresponsible use of magic. The final seventeen Eari destroyed themselves to make the Eari Stones, which would catch and trap magic so that it could never again be used.