Draol emblem
Leader Orilac
Status extinct
Location widespread, The Arcanum
Motto none
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The Draol were the last remaining order of magic users prior to the Great Purge. At the outset of the Second Age, they were only one of two orders, vastly outnumbering the Eari order. The Draol school of magic preferred to hoard magic as much as possible and release it in large bursts. Because this style was best served towards destructive ends, they Draol garnered negative attention.

At the time of the Great Purge, the Draol was one of two remaining orders of magic, the other being the Eari. The Eari order was self-eliminated in order to prevent the world from being obliterated through irresponsible use of magic. At that time, the most powerful Draol was Orilac, who was head of the order, and the last Draol was Atury.

The Draol studied their arts from a campus called The Arcanum, which was on Greater Galwyndor until the Great Purge, when it was transferred to a secluded location in northeast Letania (now Scurn).