Royal and Noble Ranks
Queen machine
Male Title Female Title
Emperor Empress
King Queen
Crownprince Crownprincess
Prince Princess
Daeken Daekus Daekeness Daekussa
Baeron Baerus Baeroness Baerussa
Earlen Earlus Earleness Earlussa
Saer Saeress

Daeken is a title of nobility, similar to a Duke. Some countries, such as Averia, called it a Daekus instead. The female counterparts are Daekeness and Daekussa. Only those of a Royal House typically carry this title, with those of the vassal houses carrying the lesser titles, such as earlen or baeron.

Daeken and Daekenessi who are successors to the High Seat carry the title Crowndaeken or Crowndaekeness (or equivalent; see Averlyn of Sable).

Females also only typically carry the titles Daekeness and Daekussa through marriage, however, sometimes one will be given the title in absentia. The Daekussa of Highthrall is Averlyn of Sable, who is not married.

Notable Title HoldersEdit

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