In Attawan culture, the Dabimbula is the sacred Guardian of the mysterious artifact known as Kobuka's Egg, which is the sole remaining Eari Stone in the known world. For thousands of years there has been only one Dabimbula at a time. There were other guardians for other stones elsewhere in the world, which belonged to other cultures and passed down their own versions of the secrets, but those guardians and the stones were lost to antiquity. The secrets surrounding the purpose of Kobuka's Egg are passed down to the next Dabimbula.

Because they are tasked with protecting the Egg and its legacy, the Dabimbula must also be the keeper of the Shade Hounds, which come with the Egg. In antiquity, the keepers of the Eari Stones and the Shade Hounds were feared by all who saw them; that they hunted sorcerers and other magic users earned them the nickname The Cullers.

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