Creatures of the Everwind universe are mostly dangerous, not just because they are wild, but because they are starving, just like humans. Because the world is dying, wildlife struggles that same as everything else. They are like the last dinosaurs. Not much plant life exists, so herbivores have a hard time. Because herbivores have a hard time, carnivores have a hard time. Most animals are emaciated, just like their human counterparts. It is hard to hunt animals in the wild without baiting them, as they are scarce.

Creatures of this world are less likely to be giant than before (no enormous dragons). An animal of that size would be incapable of sustaining itself for long. Many creatures have evolved mechanisms for protection (poison, rough exterior, etc.). There is also a likelihood that an animal carries its own diseases, so that needs to be considered for characters who are going to eat something (or not).

All types of creatures exist, though these are only likely to be encountered by characters outside of settlements. The primary dangers of the Verges are wolvina and the terotaur, but the queen adder is also up there. Beasts of burden help people get stuff done (horses, brenyen, the ox). Livestock for butchering can also be found (hogs, sheep, cows, chickens) and goats are used for milking. Animals are not kept as pets by many, as dogs and cats are more likely to be eaten than kept. Anyone in a settlement with a pet will likely find their pet missing.

Notes on Creating New CreaturesEdit

There is plenty of room for new creatures, though, so don't hesitate to envision them. At a minimum, you want to think of the creature's name, appearance, eating habits, disposition, and general habitat location.

Creator's Guide Resources

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