Below is a complete list of stories which take place in the Everwind Series:


Image Title Author Date Description
Outrider cover Outrider (book) Janden Hale forthcoming An Outrider must escort an endangered Carrier to safety.


Image Title Author Date Description
Facility short cover The Facility (subchapter) Janden Hale January 2012 A girl ends up in a secret medical facility for Carriers.
LEGION short cover Legion of Liberty (subchapter) Janden Hale August 2012 A group of rebels must find a way to sneak into neighboring Terismark to rescue one of their own from execution.
SNOW short cover Snowleaf (subchapter) Janden Hale November 2012 Queen Caliana of Averia must contend with a surprise resurgence of the Curella epidemic that nearly wiped out the entire planet.
F42 cover Federation 42 (subchapter) Janden Hale 2013 Morem Endico gets recruited by a mysterious company called Federation 42, and must bring down a notorious crime family in Everwind City.

Auxiliary Short StoriesEdit

Audio Short StoriesEdit

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