Castus Render
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Alias Noisy, Whisper, Loudmouth, The Rook
Gender male
Race human
Born unknown
Affiliation Ravenhelm emblem
Rank Litus insignia Litus
Role Mercenary, Special Forces
Location The Verges
Features never speaks
Appears in Gift of the Rook
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Castus Render is a Litus of the Violet Helm. He participated in the rebellion during the Ildorian Revolution. Following the revolution, he went into exile with the remaining Red Helm members and currently acts as a freelance mercenary in The Verges.

Castus is noted for never speaking, unnaturally exceptional combat skills, and extreme calm under pressure. The other members of the Red Helm are fond of saying of him, "He should have been of the Black." He is thought to have originated from the island of Shrane due to his predilection for unarmed combat.

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