Caliana of Sable
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Alias The Snow Queen
Gender female
Race human
Born 1302
Affiliation House sable emblem
Rank Queen
Role Queen Regnant
Location Highthrall
Family Theoris 3, Shara, Ladimer, Demierra, Alinella, Rictus, Averlyn
Appears in Snowleaf
Mentioned in Legion of Liberty

Caliana of House Sable is Queen Regnant of Averia. She is widely considered to be the most powerful woman in the realm, and she has ruled solely since the death of her husband and children to the Black Sam epidemic. She was born into House Turcott. She is the sister of King Tyronius 1, the ruler of Lothlan. Her parents were King Crastion 4 of Turcott and Queen Jensa of Turcott, who was born into House Doria.

All of her children except Shara of Vanderhall died; her niece Averlyn has lived with her since the death of her parents, Dantis and Pendra.


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