Ballad of Tulneth West is a work of poetry by the ancient polymath Seygrid Jek. It is considered his best work, but more significantly it is used as the key to the Jekseyan Cipher. The first two lines of the poem are made up of exactly 100 characters, allowing it to fit easily into a Jeksey Board. Interestingly enough, every letter of the Roman alphabet is represented inside these 100 characters.

The WorkEdit

A drove of tranquil jewels comes far
Beyond the frozen walls
For six kings upon paltry thrones
Who rule from barren halls
Deceptive prince thrin tightly grasps
Frail realm which ailing falls
Through ceaseless storms brave youngling drifts
Wherst premonition calls
Redeeming three through sands oer time
To reign foreboding’s palls
Great merging forth comes many stars
Delays the crowning squalls
Strikes hindmost blow that stays splayed throes
Of sweeping, creeping thralls

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