Averia map
Emblem House sable emblem
Government Monarchy
Leadership House Sable
Head of State Title Queen Regnant
Head of State Caliana
Citizenry Averian
Capitol Highthrall
Population 189,520
Largest City
Allies Terismark emblemHouse turcott emblemScurn emblem
Rivals House brant emblem House jerinsen emblem
Currency Averian Shriff
Languages Canderian
Industry fishing
Old Maps Averia purge

Averia is one of the oldest nations in Lesser Galwyndor, having been around since before the time of the Great Purge. It is ruled by the House Sable from the seat at Highthrall.

Inhabitants are referred to as being "Averian".


Galwyndor political map

Averia, shown to the northeast in light brown.



Lothlan and Averia both opened up a line of trade with Scurn after Gruenormark placed an embargo on it. Averia is also loosely allied with Terismark since they seceded from Aeryl.


Aeryl is a long-standing rival, ever since the Aeryloth Civil War. Averia is also rivaled with Gruenormark.

The Scurnish ambassador to Terismark acts as an interim for Averia.


Averia is made up of three provinces:

Major SettlementsEdit


Averian military ranks

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