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Alias The Glyphmaster
Gender male
Race human
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Affiliation Draol emblem
Role sorcerer
Location The Verges, The Arcanum
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Atury was a Draol mage who lived during the time of The Great Purge. He sought to escape the Purge by opening a Keldra Gateway, which erroneously transported himself, his throng of minions, the Gruenor Army, and the Aerylothian Army to the world of Errod. He was one of the few remaining spellcasters left on Galwyndor after The Purge.

He is called the Glyphmaster for creating his own "updated" version of the traditional glyphs after discovering a better pronunciations by mistake. He made up new glyphs to accompany the pronunciations, and contrived his own language so as to encrypt all his notes. Since the language was known only to him, any reference to it refers to it as Aturian.

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