The Undertaker Arcanum card

Atlicana Cards are cards that make up the decks used to play the game Atlicana. Full decks consists of 33 cards of three suits - greys, greens, and golds - to correspond with the 33 days in each month. Each card depicts a certain typecast. Atlicana cards have been around for centuries and were at one time co-opted by the Draol Order for use in fortune telling. The cards are now very hard to come by, but it is a very common game for those who can acquire the cards. It is said to be very dangerous to have a full deck, as many will kill to acquire such a possession.

Atlicana cards are first seen in The Facility (subchapter) when Anya attempts to leave the game room during break.

List of Atlicana Cards
Grey Cards Green Cards Gold Cards
1 The Heroine 1 The Vanquished 1 The Lovers
2 The Prophet 2 The Martyr 2 The Beggar
3 The Philosopher 3 The Poet 3 The Miser
4 The Alchemist 4 The Huntress 4 The Assassin
5 The Healer 5 The Magi 5 The Spy
6 The Apprentice 6 The Wanderer 6 The Courier
7 The Architect 7 The Undertaker 7 The Jester
8 The Prince 8 The Executioner 8 The Drunkard
9 The Sentry 9 The Renegade 9 The Smith
10 The Prisoner 10 The Hag 10 The Artist
11 The Harlot 11 The Dreamer 11 The Sage
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