Emblem of the Arcaeni Order

The Arcaeni are an order of occultists who seek to facilitate the reinstitution of magic. The order was established in 885; even though it is over 400 years old, members are very few in number, as most people believe magic to be myth and because the Order is still very secretive. Arcaeni also study other things like history, alchemy, astronomy, and religion. They have an unofficial academy in Umstrad called the Atheneum, which also serves as a sort of headquarters. Arcaeni begin their studies there, but ultimately branch off to study in the annals of the various higher learning institutions to try to find hidden secrets among the many historical texts. Immediately following their studies at the Atheneum, it is customary for students of the Order to make a sojourn to the Immortal City in search of ancient knowledge.

Since 1331.7, Emperor Vralius has employed three of them as advisors and for experimentation at his tower in Victurus.

Notable ArcaeniEdit

  • Niril - specializes in alchemy, ancient religions
  • Aridessa - specializes in fortune telling, incantation, conjuring
  • Lurius - specializes in poisons, curses, scrying
  • Theopholus - successor to Niril as head of the Order
  • Delembra - current head of the Order

List of Heads of the OrderEdit

Number Name Dates Left Office
16 Delembra 1330-present
15 Theopholus 1285-1330 d. natural causes
14 Niril 1284-1285 voluntary abdication
13 Frivath 1251-1284 d. natural causes
12 Alena Rellen 1244-1251 deposed for fraud
11 Lendrath the Elder 1209-1244 d. suspicious circumstances
10 Spanico the Sane 1164-1209 d. Geldish Fever
9 Motirios 1152-1164 voluntary abdication
8 Velenda the Vast 1134-1152 d. spider bite
7 Holby of Andergard 1098-1134 d. natural causes
6 Jukken 1054-1098 d. poison
5 Bruther the Bright 1006-1054 d. accidental asphyxiation
4 Caerinth Alendo 975-1006 d. natural causes
3 Jogan 3 of Jerinsen 941-975 d. sword duel
2 Uctis the Blue 911-941 d. lightning strike
1 Rodamel 885-911 d. natural causes
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